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This is a bit larger than the other hat straw. Swiss Hat Straw, 1/4" wide. In the Swiss hat straw, there is a thread you pull that helps you ... more info
This hat straw is a bit wider than the regular straw. Swiss Hat Straw, 1/4" wide. In the Swiss hat straw, there is a thread you pull that helps ... more info
Metallic string cord, Copper, Silver, Antique Gold, Gold. 30 yard cuts.
Rayon Braid, comes in several colors, 3/8" wide, 20 yard cut
Antique gold metallic braid with satin insert, 3/8" wide, 5 yard cuts, 5 colors available
Rayon, 3 colors, 5/8" wide, 15 yard cut
Pattern for a Miniature Doll by Karen Rozmus.
These are New, old vintage store stock from the 1960"s and 1970"s. This is a silk print. "Made in Germany" Over all picture 4x3.
Tiny Twisted Rayon Cord, 1/32" Dia, available in 46 colors, 25 yard cuts.
Rayon, 11 colors, 1/8" wide, 15 yard cut
Metallic Gold with satin insert, comes in #1 Pink, #2 Gold, #3 Red, #4 Blue, #5 Green., 3/8" wide, 15 yard cut, Made in Germany
Gold or Gold w/Antique Gold Metallic Braid, 1/8", 15 yard cut.
This metallic trim comes in two colors, all gold, or Gold w/Antique Gold, 3/16", 15 yard cut.
Old gold trim with satin insert. 1/4" wide, Rose/Gold, Gold/Gold,  Olive/Gold, Copen/Gold, Made in Germany. 15 yard cut.  
Metallic gold and satin cord, 1/8", 15 yard cut , Made in Germany
This is a Antique Gold Metallic trim with Satin insert. Three insert colors, burgundy, rose, lavender. 1/4", 13 yard cut.
3/8" Metallic, Antique gold trim with satin insert. Purple, Ivory, Rose, Gold, Emerald, Dk Gold, Ecru. 5 yards or 15 yard cut. Made in Germany.
Metallic trim, Gold or Old Gold, 3/16", 15 yard cuts.
Metallic Trim, Gold or Old Gold, 1/4", 15 yard cuts.
This is a very narrow gold metallic soutach trim, 1/16, 15 yard cuts.
Metallic gold cord, Made in Germany very narrow 1/16", 20 yard cuts.
3mm multi colored rick-rack, 15 yds.
6mm multi colored rick-rack. 13 1/2 yds.
Rayon, 15 colors, 3/8" wide, 15 yard cut
Old gold only, 1/16" Dia cord, 20 yard cut, Made in Germany